Friends Overnight Adult Diaper (XL) Pack of 10

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Friends Overnight Adult Diapers give you 16 hours of protection, so that sleep undisturbed. Wake up fresher and get ready to play. It has cloth-like breathable sides which is soft and comfortable on your skin. Waist elastic for better fitment. Wetness indicator to indicate the diaper is full and need to change.

16 Hours Protection

Clothlike Breathable Sides

48″ – 68″ Waist Size

Wetness Indicator

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Special Features


Most effective way to deal with poor bladder and bowel control. Can be used by patients with urology problems, paralyzed patients, bedridden and disabled patients.

Up to 16 Hours of Protection

Prolonged protection from urine leakage. Ideal for overnight usage.

Cloth-like; Breathable Sides

Soft and comfortable on your skin.

Wetness Indicator

Marking fades away or changes colour when diaper is wet, indicating the need to change it.


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