Friends Basic Medium Hospital pack of 10

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Features & details

Leak Guard

Frontal Tape

Wetness Indicator

Dual Core Padding

2 Pairs of Refastenable Tapes

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Friends Adult Diaper has made a mark as a quality brand and enjoys a high customer loyalty by offering range of unique features. Millions of senior citizens have embraced an active lifestyle with dignity after using Friends. Doctors recommend adult diapers for patients with prostate disorders, piles, incontinence, urology problems, and diabetics. It is also used by patients who are paralyzed,bedridden or disabled. Friends Adult Diaper Institutional Version are having some of the unique features like : Upto 8 hours of protection. High Absorbency Wetness Indicator Friends Adult Diapers have an unisex design and are available in three sizes : Medium, Large and Extra Medium : (Waist Size 71.12 – 111.76 cms,) Large : (Waist Size 96.52 – 152.40 cms.) Extra Large: (Waist Size 121.92 – 172.72 cms.)


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